Back to School: Outfits & Tips

I guess its that dreadful time of the year again, where I start to make back-to-school themed posts. However, don't be too discouraged. If you're entering college for the first time, like me, it may seem scary at first but being in a new environment makes it all worthwhile and exciting. If you're still in high school, enjoy your youth (wow I sound like an old lady)! Anyways...I wanted to set up a few back-to-school outfits along with some styling tips. Be advised, that some looks however may still be summery, so for those that start school towards the end of September or well into autumn (trust me I know a few), they may need to tweak the looks a bit! And that also goes for everyone! You can tweak these looks to your own personal taste!
This look is probably my favorite. I first started off with the "statement" item, those amazing mint oxfords, which are very menswear-inspired. To tie in the vibe of menswear, I paired it with a comfortable pair of printed harem pants. The loose-ness and fluidity of the fabric offset the polished vibe you get from the shoes. With that, goes with a flowy white blouse. I wanted to keep this look very casual, so I tried to stay away from very structured and extremely tailored items. To top it all off, I added this studded denim backpack, which can be totally DIYed. To keep your makeup minimal, put on some blush and lip balm and you're ready to go! 
This look is for that edgier kind of girl...that girl who couldn't wait to pull out her combat boots. My statement item for this look was really the striped backpack. Something about it gave off a very edgy, gothic sort of vibe, yet it is still very wearable and perfect for stuffing books and laptops into (and if you haven't already guessed...I'm a firm believer in backpacks...for school that is). To brighten this backpack up a bit, I wanted to stay away from black, but keep within the neutral colors. I went with a stark white cable knit sweater along with an oatmeal infinity scarf just to add some warmth. Along with that, I added these maroon shorts which are in a modern, sexy cut. And what better pulls an edgy look together than a pair of brown combat boots. These are to-die-for. 
This look is a little more for that preppy girl. The statement item here were the shorts with their awesome paper-bag shape and vibrant blue color. I then added the Lola Keim Boat shoes to give it more of a polished look. However, I didn't want this to be a sailor-inspired mess, so I went straight for the simple grey tank for casualness and black fitted blazer for some structure. The backpack is just the quintessential military-inspired canvas backpack for fall. 

Hope this helped! Enjoy the rest of your summers!


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