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Ever since Stella McCartney's Resort 2013 collection, I've been noticing quite a lot of holographic, outer-spacey-looking pieces. Whether it be a small little bangle, envelope clutch, or set of pumps, I think this trend is very futuristic, yet super whimsical! However, I do think that some people might be hesitant or iffy about pulling off an entire outfit of holographic duds. 

Here are a few ways I would style this trend.

1) For the Fashion Daredevil who likes to take as many risks as possible:
Try a pair of holographic pants. You know you've seen tons of those beautiful Tommy Ton women sporting feather frocks to space-suits and all kinds of outrageous, yet chic looks. So, there should really be no harm in you wearing a pair of shining, somewhat metallic pants. Make sure it's a skinny cut. Then, pair this look with a beautifully tailored top half. It can be a black waist-coat or a blazer, but make sure it is tailored to perfection. To top it all off, try some clear triangle and square bangles and throw on your best black pumps. 

2) For the more Reserved Gal who tends to enter a small coffee-shop setting where all eyes shift towards her: 
For you my dear, what you need is just a hint of of the holographic trend! You're already wearing a chic outfit with you black-skinnies, oversized sweater, infinity scarf, and biker boots. All you may need is just a coat of holographic nail polish and you've got yourself a little conversation starter. 

Good Luck!



Hannah mc kenna said...

Love this trend them shoes are amaze:)

Antonella Leone said...

You've a really fantastic blog <3 It's reallay deliciuos :D I like it! :D ps:I've also a blog :) if you also like it we could follow each other!! :D ((let me know))

Anne said...

I'd really love to find an holographic bag! it's really fun


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