What My Summer Consisted of...

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Taking photos from inside the train. 
Admiring the beauty and minimalism of the Museum of the Moving Image. 
Picnicking at the HBO Summer Film Festival in Bryant Park. 
Finding a $10 purse at Buffalo Exchange. 
Visiting the Brooklyn Flea, where I snagged a pair of sunnies. 
Munching on a veggie pizza at the Great American Health Bar during a thunderstorm. 
Marveling at the architecture of the New York Public Library.
Seeing All About Eve under the stars!
Saying goodbye to my cousin at the JFK Airport :(
Taking more photos from the train.
Chilling on a Dock.
Finally putting a pair of striped Moschino shorts to good use.
Updating from the Mac Tiger to the Mountain Lion.
Staring at the floor.

How was your summer? Excited for school anyone?


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sugarthesky said...

My summer was actually winter, I'm in Australia. I'm welcoming the warm weather :p

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