An Urban Tron-like Galactica...actually just Alexander Wang.

Damn! this photo takes me into some cryptic, space village.

Photos via. oracle-fox 

Wow-a-wee-wa. Alexander Wang has done it again. I mean at last fall's new york fashion week, the collection was all about an urban-sportyism. This year, it was really a phenomenal show all together, with its beautiful, futuristic pieces glowing in the dark warehouse runway. And the slicked-back hair...genius, not to mention those incredible tron-like, forehead stickers (or paint?). Either way, it was incredible, simple, clean, yet still fluid. 
When we often think of futuristic, there's the idea of having all these sharp lines and geometric, exaggerated shapes, yet Alexander Wang managed to still keep it fluid without losing that futuristic quality.

Here are some awesome tunes to go along with this awesome runway show (you may want to scroll back up and simultaneously listen or check more photos of the show here)!

  Otto Knows - Million Voices by refunerecords

  Push and Rise (Remix) [Prod. Wolfgang Gartner] by Fresh On Campus



HauteMangoGirl said...

i totally loved this collection, especially the glow in the dark finale. so ingenius!


Evangelina Fysa said...
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Agnes B. said...

Thank you for the nice comment! I love Alexander Wang! So perfect!

Eraklia-AttitudeUnique said...

metalic elements, minimalistic, chic. So WANG!

Nice work
Eraklia x

Anne said...

that show is magical


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