A Sandy Update!

Photos via. Tumblr & Reddit

Boy am I glad to be back (somewhat...I'm still mooching off a relative's electricity until mine comes back.)I’m just thankful for the fact that no power is the only real problem I'm facing…it really could have been a lot worse in my neck of the woods. But after hearing that the stock market closed for two days, downtown NY became problematic, and the subways flooded, I was really in shock. I've never seen anything like this before. In a sense though, it was good getting to spend quality time with family, overloading on instant hot chocolate, and playing monopoly. My heart really goes out to those who have lost loved ones or even had their personal property damaged.Don’t worry east coast, we’ll bounce back like we always do!

In the mean-time, I posted several compelling photographs and time lapse videos I've found after some major tumblr hype about the storm. I'm just thankful, because it really could have been worse. I mean, did you see that snorkeling photo? It's obviously fake, but imagine what it would be like if it wasn't.

To lighten the mood,and since this is a fashion blog, I thought I'd post an outfit as well (Don't forget your flashlights,leg-warmers, and batteries)!
Anyways, stay safe & stay warm my fellow east-coasters and any of you who may or already have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.



Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion said...

Thanks for the update and share of pics! That one of snorkeling is crazy! And Love the outfit, very fun!
keep safe!


Mara said...

So nice and cute the outfit you posted!
I live in Spain, and we've seeing all these pics and videos from here and being really worried for all the people on New York :___ we've suffered some heavy storms, but nothing this big. I really hope too that everything goes back to normal there, and you're safe again!

kisses. and thanks for passing by ^^



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