As you probably know by now, I'm a real huge fan of futurism, modern art, not to mention outer space.  So, when this holographic trend first started popping up (Stella McCartney SS 12?) I was really intrigued by it and overjoyed to be honest. Something in me started to get bored by the classic prints and styles that normally came from designers for the fall and winter seasons. So it was no surprise that I automatically fell in love with this holographic/iridescent modern look. Although at first I thought how the trend may come-off as cheap or plastic-y looking, I started to see it as fun and whimsical. I thought to myself "how in the world did they think of this one"! Were they (fashion gurus, designers, masters) just walking down the street during a sun-shower and happen to spot an iridescent puddle? Or were their attentions caught after sorting through a variety of old CD's? Nonetheless, I think this trend is wicked wicked cool. Just think of how awesome one of those iridescent envelope-clutches would look alongside a white, modern shift dress! If I can't get my hands on one of those envelope clutches, I sure as hell hope I can get my hands on those crystals. That would surely make an awesome addition to my desk.



Anne said...

I'm completely fan of this trend. I'm looking for holographic frabric everywhere!

(thanks for your kind comment on my blog!)

Veronika Kochubey said...

i am totally a fan of this blog! very inspiring! ;) xxx brand new follower here ) xxx

Nat said...

I want one of those crystals too and I love the ring in the first picture infact im going to search the internet for one now. Hope you have a good week x


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