I decided not to title this post, because it speaks for itself. I've grown fonder of more, simpler things nowadays, whether it be white or not. I know there is this "rule" that you cannot wear white after labor day, but I think little splashes of white couldn't hurt, especially with black. I love it when black and white collide- it's this whole beautiful matrimonial contrast that looks good on just about anyone. Whether it be a white button-down paired under a black crew-neck sweater or even just black skinnies and a white top, I think anyone can look up-to-date, fresh, and modern. So, screw the rules. 

As for getting back to the actual post at hand (LOL I tend to get off topic sometimes), I just wanted to give you all something that's relaxing and pleasant to the eye! So, you have a bit of lace, clouds, white bedsheets, the ocean and even a fluffy bunny to fill your day with a bit of peaceful inspiration. A bit of calm, somewhat somber, music will do as well.

Have a serene weekend.



mes bijoux said...

I have to tell you that you really make me feel relaxed with these beautiful photos! aren't the lace collars perfect and cute?
have a nice week!
kisses from Barcelona!

Lookbook Unlimited said...

Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?



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