All eyes are really on her!
A menswear-inspired item delightfully paired with a smile! Perfect!
Fabulous, French, feather frock!
Bring on the hats, especially leather ones! 
So perfectly styled! Love that red-chain necklace! And the cape/poncho-so parisian!
I spy Jil Sander's $300 paper bag
A metallic visor to ward of the sun...or sight altogether?
Tailored to perfection! Love the way it captures her tiny waist!
Thoughts on bindis?
Miss Duma stands out in her canary yellow coat and lacy turtle-neck! She looks so royal! 
A floral A-line dress & gladiators? You my dear are fearless! 
Look at the way Miroslava Duma elegantly holds her purse! And check out her neighbor's (can anyone offer a name please) pom pom! If that isn't a good enough replacement for a button then I don't know what is!
Labor day passed, and she still looks fabulous in white! Femininity at it's finest!
Peek-a-boo Bart! I love it when fashion and cartoons collide!
Porcelain doll? Simply beautiful.
Love the spinal-cord effect this braiding gives off! Really impressed however with the fact that it's done in leather! Her friend seems to be in awe of it!
I knew the Royal Wedding sparked a continuum of unique hats but...

More photos here!

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