I guess you could say I'm just like any other woman, who can't get enough of shoes. However, recently I've been gathering a collection of runway-close-ups of really unique heels. I can't get over how some of the heels on these shoes are so creative. From spinal cords (Dsquared2) to gator-teeth (Iris Van Herpen), there is so much creativity and innovation in the shoe-realm. Talk about craftsmanship! I feel as though if I owned one of these delightful pairs of shoes, I'd probably fear the slightest scratch or nick. So they would probably serve the purpose more of decorating my room. Hopefully, though, I can get my hands on one of these gorgeous babies, more specifically a pair of McQueens. I could just stare at those all day! 

Hope these photos gave you a bit of inspiration and perhaps sparked a new addition to your holiday wish-lists. As for anyone who owns a pair shown above or even another pair of crazy, unique shoes, comment below on their story! How you got them, do you wear them a lot, are they torturously uncomfortable? I love hearing shoe stories!


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FashionCherry said...

Hey Shana!

I've just come across your blog and its lovely!

I adore this post on shoes, lol like every other women I'm obsessed with shoes.

Gorgeous photo's!

~ Tasha


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