DIY (No-Sew!) Peter Pan Collar Necklaces!

I guess it's been a while since I posted a step-by-step DIY! What really inspired me was Youtube Beauty Guru, MissGlamorazzi, who recently posted a video on how to make these lovely peter-pan-collared necklaces! So I got inspired, ran off to Michael's and made some of these babies. I can't seem to stop now though, because they are so easy-to-do and quite addictive for a fashion-crafter. Here's the step-by-step!

What You'll Need (Keep in mind that the things with asterisks are optional):
fabric scissors (I use Fiskar's)
felt (in any color of preference; I stuck with the neutrals, but you don't have to)
sewing pins
paint-brushes (one big and one small will come in handy)
tacky glue (Aleene's is great!)
*pearl beads
*studs/brads (studsandspikes)

This DIY project is something that you can really personalize and cater to your own taste. You don't necessarily need the items with an aterisk, but I put them there to give ya'll some ideas! Now...onto the tutorial...

To make the Collar base:
 1) take your piece of felt and fold it in half
2) line up the edge of the collar pattern with the folded part of the felt
3) pin the pattern to both layers of felt so it's secure
4) cut around the pattern (you can even modify the pattern so that the collar is more exaggerated or smaller)
5) take out the pins and voila! you have the base of of your peter-pan collar and now you could design it whichever way you'd like!

Some Design Ideas:
1) Pearl Collar: After making your base, you just need to apply the tacky glue to the front of the collar and just stick the pearl beads on in any way you want. I personally, covered the whole thing and I used different colored and sized beads. Leave to dry overnight!
2) Gemstone Collar: This one was probably the most quick. I applied the tacky glue then placed the gemstones right on, alternating in size and shape. Leave to dry over-night!
3) Studded Denim Collar: The only difference between this one and the other collars is the fact that I used left-over denim scraps from another project instead of felt. I used some metal brads that came in gold and silver (from Michael's) and just created a little design of my own. They were easy to use because they just had snap-backs that didn't need ironing or glue. You can even use cone-studs or spikes to really make the collar edgy. Also, feel free to really utilize old scraps or even try different fabrics like leather or suede for a more luxurious look! 
4) Glitter: This one was kind of messy, dare I warn you. But, you'll be fine if you lay out some scrap paper or a disposable table-cloth on your work-space. After applying the tacky glue to the entire collar, just sprinkle the glitter on top, then shake the excess. You may want to leave this one to dry overnight! 

The Necklace Part:
When your collars are dry, flip them over, dab a little bit of the glue on the top corners and place two strands of ribbon on each one (with respects to the size of your neck). Don't worry if the glue shows or you're afraid it might not stay put. The glue will dry clear and the ribbon will stick, trust me!

Hope you enjoy this DIY! Be creative with it and don't be surprised if you end up making 30 collars! If you post your collars on instagram, use @shainakamkar so I can see your creations!



Marie said...

Seems pretty manageable! I might give this a try one day ;)

Fashion Tidbits said...

oh that's neat!

Nathan Moy said...

I'm sooo loving this DIY, it actually looks super expensive! You're a lil' Erikson Beamon or Dannijo designer!! Fab bejeweled Peter Pan collar!! :D So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, and oh yeah I totes followed you since your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don't have to follow me back don't worry. Btw, I recently did a giveaway featuring an authentic Maison Martin Margiela piece, NOT a Margiela for H&M!

xx The Provoker


una futura neoyorkina said...

i following you now! :)
http://millonesdeimpulsosvitales.blogspot.com.es/2012/11/y-siha-pasado-ya-un-tiempo-desde-que.html new outfit!

tattoo said...

sooooooooooo pretty collars!!!!!!


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