Since the year has come to an end, I figured that I would kick off the new year with a public service announcement (or 10). This is really going to be a post about some of the fashion-trends/items that I think have been around for a bit longer than they should have. In other words, Heidi Klum has to give them the 'Auf Wiedersehen.'
And by any means, if any of you like these trends, don't take my words personally! At the end of the day, personal style is personal! Feel free to disagree in the comments and offer some trends you think might have been overdone this year! 

1. Jeggings
This trend is really something that gets me riled up. I do like a skinny jean as they tend to slim the leg-line and look amazing with nearly everything, but a legging with fake pockets and contrasted dye to look like skinny jeans is really just too much for me. You might as well just spray-paint your legs dark-blue and sharpie in pockets on your bum. I'm all for showing off a slim-figure and whatnot, but I feel as though the jegging is another step in the tight-bottom-is-the-only-bottom direction. I mean, what ever happened to the bootcut or even wide-legged jeans or trousers? Or skirts? and heaven forbid...dresses? I've been seeing quite a lot of the leggings-as-pants trend going on, and so the whole jegging trend just really, in my opinion, is just another way of saying "I-don't-care-I'm-comfortable-and-screw-personal-style."Effort, ladies and gentleman! Effort!

2. UGGS & Sweatpants
This one may even be worse than the first. Just thinking about it leaves an awful taste in my mouth. I really don't understand this trend at all. Plain and simply- I just think it looks very sloppy and not-put-together. The amount of effort in an outfit like that is about 0% and I just hope more people out there know that you can still be warm and comfortable without having Juicy plastered on your terry-cloth a**.
3. Wet-looking clothes
This trend first deserves a little sigh of sympathy. I guess it comes from the understanding that one wants to look a little bit more edgy and sexy for night-time. But, what this trend fails to do is both of those things. A seemingly dark and shiny look comes off as wet-looking, cheap, and tacky. If you're trying to go for a tougher yet sexy look, drop the leather-leggings and go for a leather dress or skirt, preferably in a material that doesn't make noise or blind you as you take a selfie in the mirror.
4. Kanye Glasses
There is not much to say really here. I just hope nobody ever sees this again.

5. Cropped Sweaters
I find that this trend is a contradiction in itself. The whole cropped-factor sort of defeats the purpose of the sweater. I tend to think that this trend may have come from a mix-up between the misses and junior sections. Either that or the re-stocking clerks weren't sober. This fashion crime tends to be committed along with the jegging, which is just another reason for me to be shaking my head. Just please...please... I beg of you to keep your stomach covered, unless you are at the beach.
6. Creepers
Just creepy. Nuff said.

7. Transparent Blouses
I must admit that I took part in this trend at one point. They weren't cropped though (phew!) However, I realized that the transparency wouldn't really cut it on its own, so I would often layer them over tank-tops. Slowly, I realized I just didn't like the way that looked as you could see the tank-top straps through the transparency. I looked like a cheap mess, indeed. So now I'm on the lookout for some better-quality non-transparent blouses, if they are still in existence.
8. Multi-finger rings
Something about them just doesn't scream wear-me! They don't look very comfortable as it probably restricts much of your finger-bending and blood circulation. I wouldn't necessarily deem it the worst trend ever, because it comes in handy for crime-fighting, but it ranks pretty low on the practicality scale.
9. Jeffrey Campbell Litas
This is an interesting one. Let me first mention that at one point, this was probably one of my most favorite trends and I freaking loved it. But, as most trends seem to have only a small allotted time in the fashion world, my love for these shoes slowly died down. I don't know if its the fact that JC started making it in every possible color, print, texture, and spike shape known to earth, or the fact that it just became very redundant in the fashion blogger world. Either way, it's a funky shape that resembled much of the platform shoes of the 70s, which was cool, but I feel like the over-hype made it one of those trends that you're just sick of now.
10. Dip-Dyed Hair
This final trend is also bittersweet. I do love the way it looks in some fashion editorials as it adds a bit of whimsicality and playfulness. However, I feel as though this trend has been overdone a bit. Or I guess it may just be very hard to pull off.
What trends do you think have been over-done? Feel free to list them in the comments below!



Jonna said...

i still love some of the trends here though BUT definitely not uggs (or worse)uggs and sweatpants!
i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~


Jennifer PiRi said...

I loved the post. It's so funny. I agree with you about ugg shoes, Kanye glasses (which are usless), cropped sweaters (useless too) and creepers (I hate them). I love Litas but they are overexploted.
I'm following you from Barcelona.

Carmen said...

I agree with you for most of the things but still loving the one or other trend ;)

Lenetta Carnes said...

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