Diaries of a NYC Commuter gone mad-tourist

I think that one of the odd things about living in New York that I've learned is that a vast majority of the people haven't even visited the famous buildings and landmarks (or tourist traps). But despite the whole fear of getting lost in a crowd of foreigners who walk extremely slowly in front of you with occasional stopping to read a map (making your pumpkin-spiced latte nearly spill all over your new boots), it's quite nice to actually explore where you live. For instance, I've never stepped foot in the Empire State Building, nor Ellis Island, but I can't help but want to listen to that little camera-snappin', hopstop-lovin' tourist in me and actually take the time to visit places that make New York so New York. That way I probably won't give people, especially tourists, the wrong directions anymore (I know. Embarrassing right? I practically live here and I still don't know my way around the village.) 

Anyhoo- I had some Californian visitors this week, so I indulged in my inner-tourist (Yes. I even stopped to watch subway break-dancers. Not kidding.) Here are some of the shots I got. Hope ya'll enjoy and aren't afraid to go out and explore your home-cities. You'd be surprised how many interesting people you could meet (see: Chris Rock photo below) and how much fun could be lying out there without you even knowing it (trust me).

Cool mirror-sculpture-thingy in the MET. People be selfy-in' all day!
The Brooklyn Bridge (I recommend walking from the Brooklyn side towards Manhattan...you get a great view that way for some awesome photos)
A Roy Lichtenstein artwork at the MET!
Just had to.  This guy was so perfectly poised.
Some random building I came across in Brooklyn! The sky looked super cool behind it, so I had to get a shot!
What New Yorker doesn't have at least one photo of the Flatiron Building? That thing is magnificent at first sight. 
Not really a landmark. But, hey I can live with spray-painted rats. I don't know how I feel about the other kind.
On my way to the Brooklyn Bridge! Highways, clouds, and lights! Oh so pretty!
Andy Warhol exhibit at the MET-LOVED IT.
Empire State Building, why you no fit in pic-stitch frame?
I saw this on the "end of the world" in Union Square. Looked like some creepy, apocalyptic count-down.
CHRIS ROCK! We got a photo with him, then people saw, so he ran away!
No explanation necessary. 
Central Park is quite a site. I could just head up there almost every-day. As a matter of fact, maybe I will.
My phone did this rad bokeh effect all on its own #iphoneography
 I know I haven't been around in a while, but I'm baaaaack! Hope you enjoyed the little snippets of my tourist expeditions. As always, you can see more of my daily-awkward-life-moments and some #iphoneography on my instagram @shimmyshayy (darn that person with two photos who took @shimmyshay)!



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