Latest Obsession: Cap-Toe Shoes!

Ah, The Cap-toe....something about it makes it seem so sophisticated, so Chanel. I couldn't help but notice it being featured everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Topshop. But I really do love this trend so much because it brings back the pointed toe. I feel like many people have long forgotten the pointed-toe heel and it's sexiness and classiness have almost dissolved along with it. But, it is back and I'm sure as hell pleased. I think the pointed-toe heel is definitely something every woman should have in her wardrobe. There's just something about it that gives off a sophisticated aura, yet it still looks very sexy as it elongates the leg-line. 

How to Style Cap-toe Shoes:

If it's a pointed cap-toe: Try it with skinny jeans and simple blouse! You can create a look that is very sophisticated but at the same time, young, modern, and sexy. The pointed-toe will make your legs look miles long! And to make the look good for night, you can add a blazer and some statement jewelry!

If it's a Round Cap-toe: A short billowy skirt or dress is the way to go for the rounded cap-toe shoe! Then, you can add a cardigan with a skinny belt sintching you at the waist or even just a simple blouse tucked in to your skirt. (If it's a flat shoe, I always love going all Alexa Chung and wearing tights under shorts with a tucked in blouse.)

any thoughts on this trend? leave them in the comments below!!



howvintage said...

Love it, especially the Manolo Blahnik's. I've got a pair of flat cap toe shoes but I need some heels after reading this, love the way Olivia is wearing hers. Great post :)

Rachel said...

i love this style of shoe too. especially the gold capped ones :) x

A Mode World said...

Great set. I like the cap toe motorcycle boots :) xA

casper+pearl said...

your spot on, these shoes are amazing :)

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog


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