My Favorite Everyday Products!

These smell to-die-for! The cleanser even has  little strawberry seeds in them, so it's kind like a mini-scrub-in itself. I first go in with the cleanser, then the scrub (once in the morning and once at night). It smoothes face out afterwards, but I definitely need a bit of moisturizer after, because it can be a little drying.
This is my holy grail of products. If I had to only pick to products to use, it would be these two because I've been using them for a really really long time. The Aveeno moisturizer leaves my face baby-soft and has a little bit of SPF in it, while the Burts Bees lip balm (sorry...the label ripped off) tastes like Acai berry. I swear by both of these. The moisturizer really evened out my skin texture and tone and the lip balm is really a must under other lip products.
The Garnier BB cream ($12) is something that I really do love to wear on an every-day basis. It's light, easy to apply (I use my fingers), and it has a bit of SPF. It's kind of like a tinted moisturizer in a way because it's not full coverage at all, but it gives an overall tint to the face and makes your skin look very dewy. For that reason, I'd probably not recommend this for people with oily skin, because it looks very radiant on the skin. Another con would be that it doesn't really come in that many shades (I believe there's the light/medium and a dark), so for that reason it may be harder to match with your skin-tone. It does, however, blend very easily and feel very smooth to the touch on your skin. I'm wearing it now and it really moisturizes the rough patches I have around my nose and chin. I personally give it an A for everyday-light coverage-wear.
The Sonia Kashuk Concealer Quad is a recent purchase from Target that I really think is awesome. It comes with a green-color-correcting shade, a lighter nude, a darker nude, and a setting powder. I really like this concealer palette, because it's small and compact, however it can be a bit drying...so definitely something great for oilier skin. I like how I can mix the different shades and a little goes a long way. Overall, it's a great concealer.
This MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden ($25), is definitely a long-lasting product. I've had this for a while now and it looks brand new- I don't know if I'll ever hit pan. It has little gold flecks in it, which makes it really look beautiful when photographed. I personally love it, but if you're not into the gold fleck/glitter thing and you want something more matte, then don't get this bronzer!
This Mac Fluidline ($15) in BlackTrack was the first gel-liner I ever tried out and it really strayed me away from using pencils anymore. I just love how precise and beautiful the winged-line comes out with an angled eye-liner brush. This is an awesome gel-liner, but there is always BUT! I think you can find a simple black gel liner elsewhere, for half the price. I personally tend to use Physician's Formula gel liner (it comes with three colors, a hefty amount, and it's about $10). As with most gel liners, if you don't use it that often, the Mac Fluidline will dry up, so if you don't think you'll use it that frequently, opt for a cheaper version! I've also heard of popping old-dried-up gel-liners in the microwave to turn it brand new again, but I've never tried it, so don't take my word for it!
I got this eyeliner brush from target for super cheap! Since I rarely use pencil-liners, this is perfect for any gel-liner...or even filling out brows!
This Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry buy was really bittersweet. As I picked it out, I was really scared it was going to come out really, really dark. But, to my surprise, I learned that it's a very build-able color. With a few small dabs, you get this beautiful raspberry tint, while if you add a little more, you can get a gorgeous deep cherry that is perfect for a night-look. The consistency is very creamy. Be on the lookout for deals at your drugstore (my cvs tends to have buy 1 get one 50%...so you can find some really beautiful shades for cheap.)

what are some of your every-day must-haves?


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Denisa said...

I didnt use BB by Garnier but I would like to try. And RL is great brand. Have a nice day.



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