In No Particular Order. 
1. Preen Spring 2012
Such vibrant colors, so graphic and modern, yet loud! With modern collections, we tend to see this repeating theme of solid colors like black and white with clean lines and fabric, yet Preen is able to capture a modern/futuristic vibe while incorporating color and mixed fabrics! Even though it is a modern collection, I still sense a bit of 60s charm, which just makes the collection even more unique.
2. Alexander McQueen SS 2012
Well...there's really no surprise that McQueen is on this list. There was just something so fantasy-like about this collection, whether it be the ornately crafted skullcaps or couture-y gowns. The fabrics all manipulated to the point where they look like feathers from afar. I just don't know what it is about McQueen that has me swooning over every collection. I mean, this collection puts the olympics to shame! 
3. Prada Fall 2012
This collection is really fun and whimsical, yet veeeeeerrrry sophisticated. You take these incredibly tailored suits and you pair them with these unique prints of a quirky shade and you get something out of a story-book. I just thought this collection was so perfect and well-thought-out and executed from the grape-like buttons to the reverse ombred hair. It's a fun collection, yet it's serious at the same time. I mean...look at those shoes and those doctor-esque bags! It's like 70s meets alice-in-wonderland meets charlie and the chocolate factory. 
4. Model: Cara Delevingne 
It's obvious that Cara was very popular this year as she often flooded my Tumblr dashboard with her fun attitude! But who couldn't love her silliness off-the-catwalk and fierceness on-the-catwalk. P.S-How does she do that with her eyes?
5. Chanel SS 2013
Although this is a 2013 collection, I couldn't resist. This is as much as a longing for the future as it is a reflecting fashion wrap-up! Moreover, I really wanted to talk about the hyped-up hula-hoop bag because it's pretty damn cool. Imagine strutting that thing throughout the city- I'd probably hit a bunch of people without realizing and garner some dirty looks. Anyways, this baby will be sold in a smaller version (zoolander approved). 
6. Alexander Wang Spring 2013 RTW
Probably one of the coolest runway shoes I've ever seen (online, unfortunately). Utter magic and uniqueness is what I really can say. In an older post, I referred to it as an Urban Tron-like Galactica as the pieces were glowing in the dark during the show. Everything from the slicked down hair to the forehead stickers were phenomenal (no wonder Balenciaga snatched him up). 
7. Etro F/W 2012
8. Hipster Glasses & Short Hair!
Definitely a trend thats been going on for a while now and here to stay! I've even seen people who go and get prescription-less thick frames because they've become almost like a staple in someone's wardrobe. Just like a belt or a necklace, glasses can really spruce up an outfit and highlight different accents of your face! The same goes for hair!
Karlie Kloss
 Feel free to leave your favorite models and collections of the year! 
and most importantly,

Happy New Year!



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Love this post! :)

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Love this post! I loved Alexander Wang the most, his collections always rock

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Those dresses are amazing!

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Lovely post, so glad I came across your blog x

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I love those blue eyelashes. Love them! I wonder if I could pull them off...

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I love them all!



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ahahahaha i love your blog. That last GIF is just... amazing


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great photos!

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Great photos! Very inspiring.


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Hey! Thank you for your comment :)) Great picture. Super, handbags interesting: D

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I loved the mcqueen show!


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