My Tasmanian Devil 600 Polaroid camera! Got it as a kiddo! 

Well...I thought I'd keep you updated on the whole Impossible Project film testing (you'll know what I'm talking about if you follow me on Instagram). Anyways..brief recap?

I purchased the Truly Impossible Instant Film PX 680 in Color (works with only 600 type polaroid cameras) quite a while ago on Amazon (8 photos for about $24) and I was pretty shocked with the turnout. Like many others, I was sad to hear that polaroid film was discontinued (even though it was quite pricey). The $500 expired polaroid film on ebay wasn't going to cut it so I was really on the hunt for some other type of film that was compatible and budgeted decently. 

I came across the Impossible Project and after watching some videos of people turning their film packaging into a dark processing shoot for the pictures, I was willing to give it a try. I even noticed how   this specific color film mentioned how you didn't even need to shield it from the light immediately, although it is recommended and your film would probably come out better. Nonetheless, it was appealing. I got it, threw it in the fridge right away, and took it out once I was ready to use it. 

My first shot: Fail!
I directed my camera at the Flatiron Building in such heavy sunlight and my arm was probably too shaky, so the film came out chemically uneven and slightly blurry. However, the color was really really unique!

As I tried to save my film for the perfect shots (keep in mind there were only 8), I think I got a better idea on how to actually use the film. So, on my recent trip to California (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE), the rest of my film came out pretty great. I did not put any instagram filters on any of those, and yet some of them have that vintage-y color effect going on. The one's of the sunset and LA skyline were taken at Griffith Park, which I highly recommend for any person who loves taking photographs, admiring sunsets, and wants to be super sappy and romantic with a significant other. Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure in indulging in the latter, but the photographing/admiring was the perfect ending to my trip.

Some Helpful Tips For Impossible Project Color Film Users!
1) Try to save your film for perfect moments (but don't wait a year...that shit expires)
2) Refrigerate if you're not planning on using it yet
3) When you're about to use it, let the film adjust to room temp.
4) I personally didn't need a dark shoot for my polaroid to slip into, but you can never be too cautious!
5) If you're too lazy to use or carry a shoot, try to shield your photo immediately after taking it in some sort of dark, cool place (my cousin's cross-body satchel front pocked worked great). 
6) Try not to peek as much as it's tempting! You want even coloring....so please wait the full 30 minutes (I promise you). 
7) Never put film in checked bags at airport. X-rays for checked bags are way severe than carry-on bags. They can get ruined!
8) If passing through Airport Security with undeveloped film, ask for hand check. Mine passed through the x-ray and was perfectly fine (as a sign stated any film below 800 should be fine), but if you're traveling with large quantities of expensive polaroid film, it won't hurt to ask them for a hand check. 

Hope this was helpful! 



Kathleen Lira said...

That's a really cute Tazmanian polaroid camera! <3 Great photos. Love it!

PS. There's an on going giveaway on my blog. Win a $80 voucher from Msdressy. Please join. :)) http://kathastrophee.blogspot.com/2013/01/msdressy-x-kathastrophees-first-blog.html

Andrea said...

Your blog is lovely, so artsy.


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