It's kind of crazy to think that there are so many products out on the market here in America that are banned in Europe and other countries. I was never one to preach "thou must only use organic!," but after looking into what exactly is in a lot of our beauty products these days, I've been getting a little freaked out. I know that there is lobbying and corruption that is associated with the FDA (they don't regulate cosmetics at all) in recent years, especially in regards to the food processing industry, but that is a whole other story. For the time being, I'm going to talk solely about beauty products today and some natural/home-made substitutions for some of the chemical-y products you may be using!

The reason how I got worried about the whole thing is because I came across the EWG's Skin Deep site. I always knew that there were tons of chemicals in the products I used, but I never really took the the time to look up what they actually were and if they were safe to use. If you think about it, whatever you put on your body, natural or not, can easily get absorbed, so the thought of it being something really bad left a sour taste in my mouth. Anyways, the website basically talks about some of the main chemicals that can be found in basic everyday products including shampoo, toothpaste, foundation, and lipsticks. It even rates products in terms of how safe they are and talks about some of the health risks related to certain chemicals (The one that really freaked me out was Triclosan, a chemical found in toothpaste, which supposedly disrupts endocrine functionalities). I'm not a scientist or anything, but I just think people should do a little bit of research when it comes to what they put on their body and in their body, especially those with little ones! Check out the website, because it's worth a look and the information is really helpful, straight-to-the-point, and non-biased.

...now onto the good stuff!

My Beauty Product Substitutes

1. Eye Makeup Remover
A great substitute for an eye-makeup remover is extra virgin coconut oil. I can't tell you how much my eye-makeup cleaning process at night has gotten faster and less wasteful. First off, it's all natural, even used in cooking, which is nice to hear because I'm practically rubbing the stuff all over my eyes. Also, it smells divine and leaves the skin itself radiant and hydrated (kind of like an eye-treatment and makeup-remover all in one). My eyelashes feel conditioned afterwards and I really don't have to do much rubbing to get heavy-duty shadows or waterproof mascara off. All the makeup just melts right off and I can easily wipe the excess oil with a cotton pad or a baby-wipe. Another thing, I've never had a problem with it making my eye-lids oily. My skin-type is usually combination-dry, but if you do have oily skin and are worried about it making your eye-lids oilier, make sure you really wash it off afterwards. I also swear by Coconut Oil for deep-conditioning one's hair and preventing hair loss. If you really just need something to repair and give life to your hair, work the oil from root-to-tip, leave under a shower cap for 30 min-1 hour, then rinse really well. Once you blow your hair out afterwards, you'll feel amazing (leave a comment below if you want a post about more hair remedies).

2. Lip Scrub
This one is really easy and you will most likely find the items in your kitchen pantry. All you need really is a teaspoon of honey and some sugar (I like brown because the grains are bigger, but you may also use the granulated kind). Rub the mixture on your lips and it will leave your lips really soft. 

3. Cuticle/Hand Moisturizing Treatment
I really have a problem with rough skin around my nails and I tend to pick at them if they get really dry. NYC weather is drying enough and my moisturizer sometimes doesn't really do the trick, so here's my way of giving my hands a good softening treatment. Dip your hands in any kind of oil (coconut, tea-tree, almond, or even olive) and wrap them with plastic wrap to lock in the moisture. Leave it for 15 minutes, wash it off, and your hand will be all smooth! Can even be used for feet! For severe dry skin, try this DIY Hand Treatment

Hope these were helpful!

For more at-home spa remedies, try this website! It was certainly a life-saver in my high-school years and I still use it to this day for DIY natural, beauty recipes.



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