Pardon my french in the title, but there's a little rumor going around that commuting is possibly one of the worst things that a person endures throughout the day. So, in hopes of trying to cheer up current and future commuters (I'm talking to you CUNY students), here's my list of ways to make your commute not as dreadful.

1. Carpool or Make a Fellow-Commuter Friend
Whether it be by car or by train, try to find other people that you know, who have the same sort of schedule as you. Commuting in itself can be a drag, so having someone to talk to along the way who is practically in the same boat as you is comforting. If you don't know anyone, try making new friends! On many occasions, I found myself making conversation with complete strangers. Human interaction is a good thing! Not only that, but you will also kill a lot of time in which otherwise you would be somberly staring out the window while listening to Hotel California.

2. Entertain Yourself
If you can't find anyone to commute with, try to pass the time with some form of entertainment. Listening to some music while closing your eyes can be relaxing way to empty your head and catch some extra Z's. If driving, make yourself a playlist! If you're taking public transportation, you can also read a book/magazine/newspaper. It's actually a really great time to get some last-minute homework readings done because you are forced within a time-frame to finish and you aren't as distracted. Apps can be also just as entertaining. My favorites at the moment are Instagram, Scramble with Friends, and Buzz Feed.

3. Eat Breakfast
I can't stress this enough for people who commute long hours. Even if you get up at an early hour and can't muffle up the energy to make some toast, at least throw a banana or muffin in your purse. You don't know how many times I've seen people faint on the train. Most of the time, it's from not eating an adequate breakfast and drinking enough liquids. Also, a lot of the time, crankiness can be attributed to hunger, so you better fuel up or you will put yourself in a bad mood until lunch-time.

4. Dress Comfortably
If battling with unpredictable weather like New York, make sure you dress accordingly. Check the weather before getting dressed and make sure you pick the right shoes. You don't want to be caught in the rain umbrella-less with your new, suede, 5-inch heeled booties. Also, achy feet is recipe for an awful commute. You never know if all the seats are taken and you're going to have to stand for 40 minutes, so be mindful. That being said, dress in a way that also gives you confidence!

What I carry in my Commuter Bag:
1. Moleskin Blank Notebook & Pen- Perfect for jotting down ideas and sketching
2. Sunglasses- As I said, NY is unpredictable.
3. Iphone 4S with Melty-Slime Case (people always come up to me and say it reminds them of Rugrats)
4. Iphone Charger-a huge life saver
5. Metro-Card 
6. Cynthia Rowley Wallet
8. Vivitar Manual 35 mm Film Camera (only because I'm taking a photography class at the moment...otherwise I carry my Canon Rebel T1i)
9. Pocket Sized Tissues

Happy Commuting!


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Peet said...

I hope I don't sound like a dork but I used to read on my daily commuter trips when I was still in school.:) A cool book and a well-stocked MP3 player.
P.S.: Your sunglasses are hot!


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