1. Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall/Winter 2013 (Paris Fashion Week)
With the Siberian Husky strutting the runway, snow flying about, and thick furry coats swallowing the models, this collection is Game of Thrones in fashion form. Even though we mostly see outerwear and no ornate gowns of Lady Stark or Cersei Lannister, I still think it's safe to say that this collection somewhat fully-embodies the style on the show. It would make a whole lot of sense if the show was the  main inspiration behind the collection. John Snow would be proud.

2.  Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2013-2014
As I oohed and aahed in a previous post about PG, the army-green color palette, white-fur-trim, and black leather harnesses are what make this tough yet feminine collection so Game of Thrones-y. The fact that PG managed to maintain a feminine figure throughout the looks while giving off a utilitarian vibe, makes this collection really one for the ladies! I can completely see Yara Greyjoy wearing one of the harnessed peplum tops on her mission to capture the kingdom and fool the men around her as she does it. 

3. Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2013-2014 (NYC Fashion Week)
This one goes out to Cersei Lannister and all her long-sleeved velveteen gowns. Throughout the show she has such a physically and emotionally strong character (see gif below of her slapping Joffrey) no matter how insane her life is, that her clothes really fit her part. I mean...did you see that final emerald fur-backed gown? Now that's something fit for a queen! 

I just love it when he gets slapped
(Yeah...I bet Jaime)
4. Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2013-2014
Ralph Lauren always has a horse-back-riding preppy vibe to it's collectionS, but there's something about this one in particular that makes it very victorian-esque. The velvet ensembles, long dangling earrings, and black caps take the collection to another time-period almost one of the fantasy world Game of Thrones is set in. I can almost see Yara Greyjoy in one of the more androgynous vest looks while Melisandre would probably wear nothing but the gorgeous velvet dresses.

5. Chanel Pre-Fall 2013-2014
Forget the bundled up, ragged looking clothing in this one. Just look at the dungeon-like catwalk! I mean, with the fire-pits on the sides of the runway and the wooden bannisters- this collection exudes Game of Thrones fashion, if not, medieval fashion in general. I wouldn't be surprised if this collection took a lot of it's inspiration from the hit HBO show. Who knew all these harnesses, tights, and heavy wool pieces could be so exquisite.

To see more Game of Thrones inspired looks from Fashion Week...click here.

What do you think of these collections? Any other collections that remind you of Game of Thrones?




Keif Al-Hal said...

I'm really in love with your Blog!!


Denisa said...

Very nice inspiration. Have a great weekend.


Yosilda K said...

This was a lovely and funny post. Love Game of Thrones, just a few days more and season 3 comes out!!


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