Put together a bit of outfit inspo, while I pray for the sun to come out! Also, love this new clutch from H&M! Have been looking for a great quality, simple black one for a while. And it's real suede too! H&M sure is amping up their game!
Came up with a new way to store my small stud earrings: empty film canisters! Have been thinking about spray painting them too! They could use a little oomph.
These 7 for All Mankind floral pants were only $10! I was shocked at the register. Thank you Buffalo Exchange!

Probably one of the sexiest pairs of shoes I've recently come to own. Love the metal heel. Love the suede. Love the pointed toe. And love that it was only $35. Lord & Taylor end-of-the-season sale, you were so good to me.
Recently caught up and have one word to say: weird. What are your thoughts on the new season? Team Hannah or Natalia?  
Something better than the Urban Decay Naked Palette? I think so. The Lorac Pro palette has a row of matte and shimmer shades, which got me so excited. Can't get enough of the espresso and mauve colors.
So apparently I'm allergic to pine nuts, among many other things. After I ate this homemade pesto pizza, which was delicious, my lips felt swollen and my throat felt tingly! 
New reads: Little Bee by Chris Cleave and Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer ($3 each from Housing Works Thrift Shop.)  I'll keep you posted!
This week has also been full of unpredictable weather. Rain one day. No coat the next. It was even snowing today-Ha!
Finally, I have been loving this new Z shaped/thunderbolt  ring! It's comfy and simple, yet goes with all of my other silver pieces! I'm one to usually keep my jewelry and accessories minimal, so I love the fact that it looks super sleek and isn't clunky at all.  They also have sweet key-pendants and tri-colored pieces!

You can find more pieces at the etsy store,  Golden Aura Jewelry!

What are some new things you've been loving at the moment? Leave thoughts in the comments section below!  



Yania - Mi vida en sueƱos said...

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Ada said...

och, I love your posts! They're amazing! ;*

Yosilda K said...

Nice photos, love the outfit above:)
Just followed your blog!

AVY said...

Oh, floral pants, those look very pretty. And the ring of course, awesome.

Hey, how about following each other? Let me know on my blog <3

/ Avy

Romina Rose May said...

Love the shoes and accessories! :) Best wishes

charmeuse said...

nice jacket <3



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