Really liked this garage. The owner really stressed "no parking," so I parked myself right there, then took cover. 
I MISS BEANIE SEASON. Who feels me on this one?
I ran into a girl with practically the same outfit as me (even though her's was way cuter).  I don't even want to know what Joan Rivers would say about me, or maybe I would. #whoworeitbetter
A little peek at the skyline. Oh gosh, just throw a statue of liberty hat on me and I probably look like the biggest nerdy tourist. 
Sweater: Loehmann's
Denim Button-up: Forever 21 
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Target
Boots: Marshall's
Hat: Stolen from my mom who stole it from my brother, who most probably got it from H&M
Sunnies: some vintage shop from Melrose
Bag: Tri-County Flea
Rings: ASOS

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth even though it may seem like I did.
I'm finally back and I have lots to share.

You could probably tell that these photos are from a little while back because of the knitwear and beanies. The funny thing is, New York's weather has been so bipolar lately that wearing an outfit like this is quite plausible. There's just something about wearing a beanie with a non-clunky outfit, which makes it so much more relaxing. I know how I always try to prolong my hat/chunky knits/ scarves as much as possible because when it's finally summertime here, it's summertime. It was a really odd transition though, this year. I found myself wondering where spring actually went as winter and summer alternated daily and the saying changed to "May Showers June Flowers?"Anyways, enough about my weather rant. I'm sure if you're in New York right now, talking about the sporadic sun-showers will just be pushing you off the edge, so enough about that.

As for these photos, they were taken at the Brooklyn Flea at East River State Park straight off Bedford Ave. I've always been a fan of antique/vintage browsing especially at large fleas as there are usually such unique finds. Not only that, but there are usually loads of food vendors with funky vegan-ish things like beet burgers and iced jasmine tea. Plus, you have a really beautiful skyline view, which is perfect for laying around and admiring the sights around you. So, if you're ever planning on visiting, you may want to take a look at this flea among many others like Hell's Kitchen, but keep in mind that they are usually open on the weekends only. 

Happy Monday!



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