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 Summer. Yeah...it sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? Sandy toes, wavy hair, cold fruit and killer vibes. Isn't that what summer is all about? Well...for some people, if not most, a care-free summer is more of an illusion. Something one dreams about during the colder months and partakes in for maybe a week if at all. But then, its back to reality as they say. Back to sitting in that wooden desk, back to sorting through all those papers, back to responding to all those emails, and back to eating things like quinoa. 
Yeah, it sucks.
But, it isn't something to be completely angst-y over. At the end of the day, it is human nature to look at what others have and feel somewhat lower. It could even be the littlest of things like seeing a friend's vacation album on Facebook. "Ugh, Casey....you don't need to upload 500 photos to prove you were in Turks & Caicos." And neither do you! "Oh god...why is your life so perfect and mine is of a similar level to a subway rat's."

My words of wisdom for today are: DONT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. I get it. We all can get a bit envious that our life isn't in the same exact spot of our friends, colleagues, etc., but it isn't right to compare one's own beginning to another person's middle. So, in an attempt to try to cheer a bunch of you, hopeless, summer-sadness-struck people, I'm sharing with you my 2013 Summer Guide. Shopping is a temporary cure for all ailments, so call me your nurse. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock- Doesn't make your face greasy like many facial sunblocks tend to do
Illegal Length Mascara- Non-clumping, lengthening, and long-lasting
Garnier BB Cream- Good daily-coverage that can be buildable,  has SPF, moisturizes nicely
MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden- Lovely finnish
MAC lipstick in Lustering
It's a 10- Miracle Leave-in Product- I think "miracle" is quite accurate. This stuff is really great if you just want to head out the door after washing your hair. Leaves your hair super soft and shiny.
Moroccan Oil- It's been raved about for a reason.
Bobby Pins- Necessary in the summer time when all you want to do is put your hair up or in a fancy braid
HotMakeup in Ultimate White
Essie in Rock the Boat
Topshop in Flamingo Coral
Essie in Madison Avenue

Zara- They are having their huge Spring/Summer sale, where practically everything is being marked down. If you're a lover of Zara, I suggest heading down there now!
H&M- They are also having a huge sale at the moment with many deals including buy 2 get 1 free. 
Daft Punk- Random Access Memories
Flying Lotus- Cosmogramm
Florence and the Machine- Ceremonials

Happy Summer!



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