Models: Inka and Neele Hoeper 
Photographer: Lina Scheynius
Publication: Zeit Magazine

Upon first seeing this editorial, I didn't really feel anything about fashion. I didn't feel anything about the chunky knits, or the middle-parted rapunzel hair, or the whole 60's aura of it all.  I mean, yes the lighting is soft and they are in somewhat of a meadowy landscape, which should make the slightest of garb pop, but no...nothing. But one thing I did feel was the essence of sisters. This idea of sisters really intrigues me. In some photos, one of the sisters is obscured or positioned in back of the other, I guess to show how one often emerges in the spotlight while the other, not so much.  I don't have a sister, so I don't really know what the rivalry is like. I've had people tell me the ills of having one like having them steal all your clothes and whatnot, but then there are other people who say having a sister is the most amazing thing, and it makes me pretty jealous. 
I grew up with two older brothers, who I didn't really have much in common with. I remember begging my mom for a sister when I was little and she would tell me how my younger aunt was my sister to make me feel better. So the closest thing I have to a sister at the moment, would be my closest friend. 

I don't really know how this entire sister-talk got started out of a fashion editorial, but I wanted to provoke discussion! 

Do you have a sister (blood-related or not)? Do you feel a sense of rivalry?



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