Alexis Mabille Haute Couture SS 2013

Queen of the Peplum Realm/ Badass version of Tinkerbell/ Wedding after Work

It's crazy how different each of these gowns are, yet Mabille somehow managed to cohesively put them into a collection. One thing I did notice is how edgy these looks are, despite the fabrics being so feminine. Whether it be the black, the silver hair, or even that blazer, some of these looks are so toughed up. 

These all remind me of the 50's. The right would probably be an uber-posh night-gown, the center dress is more of a Femme Fatale, and the last is all about the curves. 

These three are the most feminine, I found out of the entire collection. It mainly has to do with the peach and yellow tones, which give off its darlingness. Also, the colors make the ribbons and bows more pronounced.

These were the more conservative looks, which I thought to be very poignant of fairytales and princesses. The left gown screams 'fairy-god-mother', while the center is very Mary Antoinette. But then again, the hair just makes it just a touch edgy, which I find to be really unique. If Mabille were to do large curled wigs, I think that his collection would not only age drastically but take away from the ornateness of the looks.

As for the makeup, I found it to be quite fitting for a victorian-style collection. It was just a mattified, powdered face with nothing but a curl of the lashes and a touch of blush. I thought this was the perfect amount of makeup, especially since there is so much drama going on with the gowns. Moreover, it goes very well with the softness of the looks, but at the same time it doesn't clash with the edginess of the hair.
What are your thoughts on this collection? 

Do ever just let your outfit do the talking rather than makeup?



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