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I'll have a glass of Merlot please!

There's something about this color that is so luxurious-looking and so rich that I think it may be considered "my favorite color." After all these years of answering dumb surveys or doing circle seating ice-breakers in class, I always would say my favorite color was red. But, not this time. This is a different kind of red. 

You may call it burgundy, bordeaux, or even Oxblood (which I have know idea where that came from.) Whatever you call it though, it still is one of Autumn's (and hopefully even winter's) beautiful, leaf-like colors. 

Where to find this color?

*Clothing: Blazers, denim, sweaters, circle-skirts!
*Leatherwear: Clutches, satchels, jackets, & all kinds of shoes!
*Beauty: Lipsticks (for a vampy look), blushes, eyeshadow (which I am still on the hunt for) & nail varnishes!
* Home Decor: Couches, bed-frames, bowls, wall colors, or even a glass of wine! 

What shops currently have it?

Be on the lookout for the term "oxblood." Check out stores like H&M, ASOS, Topshop, and Mod Cloth. You can never go wrong with your local thrift/vintage shop either!

What do you think of this color? Yay/nay?
What is your fall-color obsession?




N said...

this is my favorite color, I wore all my accessories in wine shades last autumn and Im not going to stop:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this color. But I also really like forest green. Need to go fall shopping.

Adalias C said...

Wine is such a lovely colour for the colder months! :) xx


the style crusader said...

Oooo. Really really love this colour. I don't think I have ANYTHING in my wardrobe this shade.

Especially loving that shot of Alexa in the leather skirt. So good! xx



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