Top: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Express (at Marshall's) // Pumps: Sam Edelman

Photos by: Myself

I'm not sure if many of you are familiar with the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday, but this was my "celebratory" outfit. I use air-quotes because its a holiday about atonement, where you fast and don't touch electricity for about 25 hours. I like to call it a day of detachment from the world. It's crazy to think how less my empty stomach was on my mind than not being able to check Instagram or Facebook! Surprisingly, I found myself quite confused at a loud sound coming from outside, until I realized it was just an airplane passing by. To think that a noise like that goes on all the time was kind of eye-opening for me. We are sometimes so absorbed in our own little technological bubble that we tune out the outside world. Also, I found myself running towards my phone rather than the refrigerator as soon as the fast was over, which is another indication of my craziness of its own. All in all though, a day of detachment from the world can sometimes be quite therapeutic and healthy in my opinion.

It's not yet Autumn, even though I'd like to think it is with my obsessive shopping...but I decided to create a whimsical, transitional fall outfit for you. I've always been drawn to peter-pan-like school-girl shirts because of how feminine yet simplistic they look. Also, since New York has been on and off with it's hot weather, I never found the right time to wear this top, which has a thick, summer-unfriendly material. I didn't want to just pair it with a simple black skater skirt, so I decided to go for something a little fun but still subdued: my Express leopard-like, sequined skirt (which I came across at a Marshall's for $14). The Sam Edelman pumps were also a Lord & Taylor end-of-the-season steal and are so cloud-like!

A quick question for you all: Do you think you could "live" without technology for a day?

Leave your opinions/thoughts in the comments section, because this idea really interests me!




Lucy Mason said...

Lovely skirt! xx


IwantFASHION said...

Love your skirt!
gorgeous :)

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Christina Ooi said...

I lived without tech for a week! It's so doable... and wonderful. You kind of forget about it!


Louise Smith said...

Ooo, I love that skirt :D

Louise x

Confessions of a Secret Shopper

Adalias C said...

I love this outfit, the heels are my favourite piece! :) xx


Patricia G. said...

Dear, you are so pretty with this look! Love the Urban Outfitters top!

the style crusader said...

Love this outfit on you and the washed out photos are so dreamy.

I definitely know I could live without technology for a day but I'm super addicted to my phone. I'm constantly checking Instagram, Pinterest and my e-mail. It's so good to step away from it sometimes though! xx


Fashion Tidbits said...

a day, yes, but not forever.

Obat Alami Stroke said...

i like youe post and thank's for your infromation ^___^


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