Thanks SWEATER WEATHER, I'll have a cookie now.

Photos taken by me.
Hat: H&M
Sweater: GREGORI (Beacon's Closet)
Dress: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
Tights: Target
Bag: Coach (Buffalo Exchange)
Boots: Tesori

The dreaded, sweater weather. I don't know exactly what it is about New York's ability to fling you through a toaster oven one minute, then siberia the next, that makes us such darn antsy people, but I still love it. I feel like we're never really comfortable where we are because everything is usually so extreme-- I mean, have any of you New Yorkers ever witnessed spring? Because to me, spring in New York City has the duration of a Friends rerun, then BAM, there goes all the breathable oxygen in the subways. I am thankful though for the fact that we actually have an Autumn. The crunchy leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything, and felt hats are just a few reminders that its almost holiday season. Also, there's nothing more satisfying than being all wrapped up and cozy while its chilly outside; whereas all the watermelon in the world wouldn't be enough to cool me down in a blistering summer.

Anyways, this post is more of a dedication to Autumn and its beautiful magic when it comes to fashion. 
Layers, layers, and more layers: and this refers just as much to cake as it does garments. Because well, your wool coat can do a great job of covering that bread-y latte companion that you just ate as it does streamline your look. In other words:  all hail the season of eating!

What's your favorite Autumn/Winter treat?



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