OH, HOW 1742 OF YOU!

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It's no surprise that the "plaid" or "tartan" print is making it big this fall. If you look on any fashion blog, you're bound to find at least one look with a plaid/tartan piece in there. If you take a step into your local Zara, you will most likely find dozens of variations of tartan/plaid scarves, skirts, pants, and even tops. And it makes sense- it has such a cold-weather appeal!

The funny thing about this print is that it dates back to 18th century Scottish Kilts, so it has a emblematic history, which is why this print has that "posh" vibe to it. Personally, when I think of this print, Cher & Dionne from the 90's film, Cluleless, comes to mind with their tartan blazers, pleated skirts, and attitudes to match. This print never really went away since then as it was always part of the "grundgy look." However, now its popping up in different color variations like navy & gray or black   & yellow, as opposed to its original christmas-like colors. 

The one aspect of this print that I'm beginning to enjoy is the fact that "grundge" can actually be taken seriously for once and seen as somewhat sophisticated! If you've always been a plaid-lover and fulfilled your trend needs by finding grundgy pieces from your local thrift stores, look no further! You can find tons of modern or contemporary variations of plaid/tartan-printed garb if you just poke your nose around. That being said, thrifting may lead you to find something perhaps a little more unique or with a vintage flair. 

How I would wear this trend: I love the idea of having a pair of tartan-printed skinny pants (here, here, and here) with a simple knit sweater or even more understating-ly fun: a pair of heels (hi, hey, hello)

Also, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Any Black Friday deals? (I took the liberty of not BF shopping this year...instead I slept a whole lot!)



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